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25+ years of experience

Dussan Translation Agency was was active in the market as early as 1992, thus boasting more than 25 years of experience. 

Sworn Translators

Our sworn translators make official translations. If necessary, they also certify authenticity of copies of translated documents or printouts obtained from computer network databases, thus saving time for you.

Translation Software

We use SDL Trados Studio translation software which helps in promoting our continued efforts in improving translation quality. 
It also helps to reduce translation costs as you do not pay for what we have already translated to you.

Free consultations

We provide free consultations on any issues relating to translations made by sworn translators and certification of translations by sworn translators. 
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Translators & 
Sworn Translators

The translation company of OÜ Dussan was founded already more than 25 years ago in 1992. 

We specialize in legal translation, translating law and economy related texts such as business, banking, insurance and accounting texts, contracts, documents, etc.

In addition to this, our sworn translators make official certified translations in the following languages:

Erik Tomberg – Estonian-English-Estonian sworn translator (since 2003)

Maris Järve Estonian-English-Estonian sworn translator (2003)

Merje Vesmes Estonian-Russian-Estonian, Estonian-Finnish-Estonian and     Russian-Finnish-Russian sworn translator (2003)

Mariliis Soomäe Estonian-English-Estonian sworn translator (2011)

Triin Keba– Estonian-German-Estoniansworn translator (German-Estonian since 2013 and Estonian-German since 2016) (professional activities suspended from 1 October 2017 until 31 December 2021)

Inga Saare – Estonian-French-Estonian sworn translator (2014), 
Spanish-Estonian and Portuguese-Estonian sworn translator (2017)

We also cooperate with:

Dmitri ŠmorgunEstonian-English sworn translator since 2008 and Estonian-Russian and Russian-English-Russian sworn translator since 2012

Mae KüttikRussian-Estonian sworn translator since 2015 and Urkanian-Estonian sworn translator since 2016

Our Services

We excel in translations of legislation, legal and business texts and documents
Written translations
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Written Translations

We specialize in the translation of legislation, legal, business and economic texts (standard documents, contracts, business correspondence etc.) We boast long-standing experience in translating banking, insurance, accounting, advertising, transport, construction etc. texts. We have also translated voluminous user manuals (automobiles, printers, mobile phones etc.).

We use in our work the translation software market leader’s newest program SDL Trados Studio. The software ensures quality translation as well as uniform vocabulary in all translations.

We make sure the layout of our translations corresponds to the original document either on paper or electronic format (pdf format, for example).
Sworn translators, certified translations
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Sworn Translations

Should you need an official (notarised, notarial or certified) translation, please deliver the relevant original document to our office.

For use inside Estonia, sworn translator's may also prepare and certify a translation in digital format. If you want to use this opportunity, please indicate it in your order.

As a rule, documents issued abroad must carry an apostille or, in the case of non-member states of the Hague convention (Canada, for example), a legalization stamp (with the exception of documents issued or to be presented in Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine, Poland). 

The quality standards of the Association of Estonain Translation Companies also apply to translations made by sworn translators, this means that these translations are editied and proofread to ensure their quality.
Interpreting Quote

We offer consecutive interpretation services for notarial transactions, negotiations, lectures, seminars, presen-tations, etc. You can also order a sworn translator to help you in the case of notarial transactions. We also offer whispered interpretation services.

We recommend that you place your order at least a few days in advance.

As quality interpretation presumes cooperation between the interpreter and client as well as in-depths preparation from the interpreter for a specific order, so we ask that any related materials for lectures and seminars be sent to the interpreter no less than 2-3 working days prior to the interpretation assignment. With notarial transactions, please send the materials no less than one working day prior to the date of the transaction.

Did you know that ...

Translation volume calculation is based on standard pages of 1800 strokes

Translation volumes are calculated on the basis of standard pages in the target language. One standard page contains 1800 letter spaces.

Price calculations are done based on the finished translated text. With certain language combinations, the finished translation can be a bit longer than the original. To find out the exact translation volume and price, please send the material that need to be translated to us and we will give you a binding price and deadline quote.

The translation price depends on a number of factors such are the relevant language combination, complexity of the text, purpose of the translated text etc. We calculate the exact price when you send us the materials that need to be translated.

Your confidentiality is important for us and we respect it
Any texts we receive are confidential and only employees directly involved in the translation/interpretation process have access to them; contracts with such employees always include clauses related to non-disclosure to third persons of the content of translated/interpreted materials. If need be, we can sign a confidentiality agreement with the client and destroy/delete any related material after the relevant translation or interpretation job is complete.

Your vocabulary of translation memory helps us to give you better translation
You and translators/editors togther ensure best translation quality

Our translators/editors undergo continuous further training, however, the Estonian market being small, it is impossible for translators to specialize in one narrow field. Thus it will benefit to consider the translator and an outstanding end result when ordering a translation – should you have any field or industry specific terminology that you wish to be incorporated in the translatable text, be sure to send it to us. Translation memories related to previously translated texts are also helpful.



Official translations
(birth certificates, diplomas, etc.)
in 1 working day

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